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OpenWeb Network is a blockchain powered, decentralised, open source network that allows anyone to host websites to make internet open for everyone.

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OpenWeb Network combines blockchain technology and distributed hosting to create a peer to peer version of the internet which is free from intermediaries. OpenWeb Network will not only revolutionise the hosting industry but create an inclusive internet where everyone participate and contribute to the network.

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OpenWeb Token Utility

Domain Registration

Register and renew your domain using OpenWeb Tokens

Publishing Websites

Transaction cost to publish website is charged in OpenWeb Tokens

Host Registration

Host registration fee is paid in OpenWeb Tokens

Host Reward

Earn tokens when you host content on OpenWeb Network

Website Access

Spend tokens when you consume content on OpenWeb Network


Support trusted hosts by staking tokens on hosts and earn staking rewards

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Host websites and earn OpenWeb Tokens

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Share your website to the global audience without any intermediaries

Smart Contracts


OWT Token Contract


OpenWeb Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OpenWeb Network decentralised?

Yes, OpenWeb Network is powered by smart contracts and all the operations are handled by blockchain powered smart contracts. All the operations including host registration, content publishing, payments, staking etc are handled by Ethereum based smart contracts.

What is staking?

Staking allows anyone to support trusted hosts on the network. Host rewards are based on staking which will create healthy competition in the network among hosts to provide better quality service to the users. Stakeholders earn monthly rewards in OWT tokens for supporting the ecosystem.

How is data integrity ensured in OpenWeb?

OpenWeb Network includes hashing algorithm to ensure integrity of data published on the Network. The hash of the website is calculated every time a website is published on the network. When a user requests website from the host, OpenWeb extension check if the website hash in the smart contract matches with the website hash delivered by the host before displaying the website to the user.

How to become a Host?

The host registration can be done either through OpenWeb Network Website or through OpenWeb Network smart contract. To complete registration through smart contract the host needs to send host node connection details (IP:Port) to register host function in the smart contract. OpenWeb Website has included a user friendly registration process which will enable anyone to setup host nodes on the network.