Secure Surfing with StrongVPN – a Review

StrongVPN is based in the United States and offers anonymous virtual private network (VPN) services via 140 servers located in the San Francisco area and 300 more worldwide locations. The company offer a variety of user VPN plans at varying prices, with a three month minimum registration requirement.

Signing up with StrongVPN is fairly straightforward, however quite a lot of personal information is required, even if users wish to pay with Bitcoin. The service is available for a range of operating systems including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux, with detailed instructions provided on the company website.

The company does not provide trial accounts however it does offer a seven day money back guarantee for users that are unhappy with the service. StrongVPN provides customers with unlimited bandwidth and abilities to switch VPN locations when logged into the service. Users residing in countries that censor certain websites or frequent travellers will appreciate the freedoms they achieve with services such as this which give the ability to log in from servers based in North America or Europe.strongvpn_1

There are a variety of good reasons to register for virtual private networking services, these include assuring the security and anonymity of your use of the internet, using worldwide IP addresses to access sites and services that may be unavailable or blocked from countries of residence and guaranteed safety from eavesdroppers when using insecure internet connections, like WiFi hotspots. Business users and mobile device users are particularly at risk of cyber crime so using VPN services does eliminate security hazards posed by the transmission of sensitive data from insecure devices.

Independent review of the StrongVPN service suggests it offers fairly good performance results, with excellent round the clock customer service available via Instant Chat, the company website is well designed and easy to navigate and StrongVPN does guarantee privacy with no user logs; however the reviewer expressed reservations on this.  Here is another review. StrongVPN does supply preconfigured routers, although they are pricey. Drawbacks of this service noted by independent review included expense of some price plans, use of static IP addresses which don’t guarantee user privacy, insufficient information strongvpn_2provided about encryption methods and poor support for iOS device users. Speed tests on the service revealed inconsistency in results, though speeds were generally good particularly when using the closest available servers. The review also noted high browser tracking activity when logged into the service which seemed at odds with the stated privacy policy and anonymity guarantees.